Introducing Reality Networker Leadership Mastery!

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"This was The Ultimate Training For Mastering Team Building, Duplication, Getting Reps Started, & Promoting Events!"

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"This Is The Ultimate Training For Mastering Team Building, Coaching, Leadership, Duplication, Getting Reps Started, And Promoting Events!"

Introducing “Reality Networker Leadership Mastery”

Let’s get right into what comes with your “Leadership Mastery” course.

You will get a workbook and reference guide to assist you in following along in the training. There are over 9 hours of conversations that you’ll hear with me talking to people on my team. Sometimes, you’ll hear me even coaching people who are n ot in my company! All the coaching you will hear is generic, and I’ve had people tell me that they cannot believe I am giving all of this information to anyone.

No one teaches this stuff!

I train on everything from team­-building to duplication­-creating, to problem­-solving...

...and all the topics I cover will ultimately guide you to leadership in both your primary company and our industry.

If you master what I teach here, you get to have your life back, again, and you’ll effectively be getting coaching from me without the high price that normally comes with hiring me.

Nothing is held back from you in this course.

Here Is What You Will Find Inside Your “Reality Networker Leadership Mastery” Course

Recorded Leadership Calls

These Recordings Will Help You:

  1. Feel completely comfortable and confident with coaching others into their greatness.
  2. Increase the retention in your organization and inspire people to get in and STAY in
  3. Promote events so that people actually attend in large numbers.
  4. Create leaders of your own who will duplicate the activity they see you do.

If you want teams within YOUR team, this is the training for you!

Everything Listed Below Will Be Covered!

  • Three (3) ways to invite professionals to look at your business, and how to handle questions & close without an expert. When you interact with professionals, it’s easy to become intimidated. Get the best tips on how to handle high­level conversations without power and class!
  • How to reach out to your long­lost friends and acquaintances. When you reach out to people you haven’t spoken to for a long time, they can quickly put up defenses against being pitched. Melt their apprehension with the right words at the right time!
  • A fail­proof way to get your teammates to company events! We all know that teams bond tightly at company events, but it can be tough to convince people of this proven fact. If you can get your people to events, you can build a family­like atmosphere that cannot be shaken.
  • The best way to invite, present, and close new teammates. If you don’t have a systematic way to get people on the phone and present to them, you will NEVER close them. Learn the exact methodology I use to this very day!
  • The secret of how to use someone’s “Why” as a closing strategy that simply cannot fail. Often, we try to close by using logic, but the fact is that people tend to buy based on emotions that belong solely to them. Using this training, even the most well­researched objections will fall flat on the ground. You’ll be able to close just about anyone after you master this training session.
  • How to “Ignite” your team’s excitement and discover a prospect’s real objections. If you have ever wanted to take people from lukewarm excitement to real engagement, you want this training. Also, if you’ve ever had someone to turn you down after saying, “Yes,” you will find that this training helps you answer the hidden fears of your prospect.
  • Learn how to melt away money objections, and turn the into raving, “Yesses!” Most people want to start home businesses, but most people also don’t want to be scammed. Get clear on how to ethically win trust and encourage your prospects to do what they need to do to reach their own dreams! Money objections are not always legitimate objections. This training will show you how to both close the sale and inspire your new teammate to action that can change their lives permanently for the better.
  • The only takeaway method that you’ll ever need to use with prospects and business partners ­ the one that I use and that is frighteningly effective. We all want what seems to be unattainable. My takeaway method works just about every time, in all kinds of circumstances.
  • How to leverage a big list (if you have one), when “recruiting up,” and how to exude posture when inviting prospects to a presentation. You can make things easier on yourself in business if you happen to already have a large list of people who you really admire. This training will help you know what to do with your list, and it will also assist you with maintaining the kind of attitude that will encourage the people you speak to to take you seriously.
  • Event promotion like a boss. If you have been in the industry for a while, you know that attending events can propel your business forward in too many ways to mention. The more people on your team who you can have at company events, the more you can leverage your influence to move forward in your career more efficiently. Utilize this training to help you influence large numbers of people to attend your events!
  • How to utilize natural­sounding role playing scripts. The fact is that role playing is an invaluable tool to help you get better at talking to prospects and business partners. Use these scripts for your personal business, AND use them to help your teammates improve their conversations with their prospects and business partners. These scripts will position you as a leader in the eyes of your team and your company.
  • Understanding and appropriately working with the assets that you have in every personality on your team to close more sales. There are many, different types of people with whom you will be working in your growing business, and many of them have strengths that you don’t have. This training will show you how to leverage the team environment to advance your business. In turn, you can show your new leaders how to do the very same thing.
  • The way to follow up with posture and invite people to presentations with an undeniable strength and positioning. It’s not really difficult to position yourself as a leader when you have the kind of information that I will share with you in this training. As is the case with most MLM companies, your presentations are not boring. You and I both know this. The challenge is to simply communicate your offerings from a position of strength.
  • How to explain complicated compensation plans. The binary compensation plan is just one of many plans that you will find in Multi­Level marketing industry. This training will help you to be able to explain comp plans with ease and proficiency and set your prospects’ hearts at ease.
  • The most compelling way to reframe your prospects objections, doubts, and fears and turn them into strengths, not weaknesses. No matter what the objection, the training in this course will show you how to handle it. If it’s a challenge with your prospect’s spouse, the amount of time they have to work on their business, fear of failure, or anything else that typically gets in the way of a rep’s success, you will learn how to coach them through it, here.
  • Mastering invitations on social media. Facebook is powerful, and if you’re not using it to build your business, you’re missing out on a goldmine. Your social media connections are a vast lukewarm market that you can turn warm with consistent activity and personal interactions with people who are looking for what you have to offer. This training will show you how to craft custom message for your prospects.
  • Overcoming your fear of picking up the phone and calling your list. The fear of making phone calls is a common one, but you can overcome this fear with the right training. I did it, and I will show you exactly what I did to overcome my own fears. This training has worked for countless people on my team and also for others who are not part of my company, too.
  • How to use NLP embedded commands effectively and ethically. NLP stands for “Neuro­Linguistic Programming,” and it is a way of speaking (and writing) that is incredibly persuasive. My course will teach you how to use it properly and will show you how to train your team to use it, as well.

Celebrate your successes and get feedback on what to do better with a team of like-minded people.

  • No one ever wants to learn something that is entirely new to them alone. That is why I have created a private group where you are free to interact with others who are learning alongside you. We will CELEBRATE all your successes and steer you back on track when you need the encouragement. The personal touch is everything. I had it when I was learning. And now, you will, too!

Most people spend tens of thousands of dollars on a college education that promises little to nothing outside of a degree.

Now, degrees are valuable in certain, specific fields like the law, computer science, education, and health-­related fields, etc... but few of us work in the area of our degrees.

The goal of college is to have a profession that can help us provide for ourselves and will allow us to be proud of the contribution we’ve made in the lives of others...

...and the goal of this course is the same.

"I want people to understand, for once and for all, what it really takes to breakthrough from being a rep to leading a high­-power, duplicating team of people..."

Look at what others have said about “Reality Networker Leadership Mastery”

Once you grasp the proper way to build a team with strong leadership, you’ll be able to:

  • Skyrocket your Network Marketing income.
  • Feel completely comfortable and confident with coaching others into their greatness.
  • Increase the retention in your organization and inspire people to get in and STAY in action!
  • Promote events so that people actually attend in large numbers.
  • Create leaders of your own who will duplicate the activity they see you do. If you want teams within YOUR team, this is the training for you!
  • Eradicate the “mystery” of what it takes to build a large organization that becomes the stuff of legend in our industry.

The above image is a physical representation of this digital product, so that you can see how full & robust it actually is. You'll be able to access this course immediately online after you order.

Here's the bottom line...

Most Network Marketers who aren't yet top earners can't afford to hire me at my $1,000 an hour rate and can't afford to pay the $15,000 I charge to spend a weekend with me to observe me building my business firsthand while having me divulge my most closely guarded secrets and strategies, but now, you don't have to...

For a small investment of only $497, you can have access to this course and have me virtually train you to be a leader in your company AND in our industry.

Today is the day that you learn the secrets behind building a team to rival all the the leaders you’ve ever admired.

And so that you feel 100% comfortable moving forward with your decision to invest in yourself and your business today, by clicking below to order this course today, I have two guarantees for you...

First, I guarantee you that this is the type of investment that in the future when you look back on today, you'll have agreed that this investment will have paid for itself many times over. And if it doesn't here's my second guarantee to you...

It's my 30 day satisfaction or your money back guarantee! Here's how it works and why you literally have everything to gain and nothing to lose by ordering this course today.

I challenge you to go through every single module in this entire course, study the videos, listen to the audios, with the workbook printed out in front of you, take copious notes, and IMPLEMENT everything that you learn!..

If you do and if for some crazy reason, afterwards, you honestly don’t believe that the tips, tricks, tactics & techniques taught inside this course, if applied have the potential to make you more in commissions over the course of your career then the money you invested in this course...

...then let me know by sending a message to within your first 30 days and I'll personally get on the phone with you and give you a full refund of your investment!

All I ever ask is that you actually give yourself and what I teach a real chance to work for you in your business. If you do, I can promise you that you'll be excited about your results, your future, and that you chose to step up and invest in yourself and your business today!

Only 3 payments of $195 or (SAVE $90) & Make Only 1 Payment of $497

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