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[content_box_yellow width=”95%”]Important note: When you buy this course now you’ll be immediately made an affiliate re-seller of it and qualified to receive commissions on the future sales of this course. The reason this is very important to you is because everyone you refer who buys the Immediate YES Formula course will also be given this same one-time opportunity to buy the course you have in front of you now. If you buy this course now before this page times-out, you’ll collect a 50% commission on all of those future autopilot sales. If you don’t, you’ll end up missing out on all that “free money” now and you’ll end up paying much more for this course later when you do eventually get it.[/content_box_yellow]

Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll get inside this course! As you read the descriptions ask yourself…

“What if I just got one golden nugget from any one of these trainings, how much could that be worth?

[features_box_yellow width=”95%” + border=”2px”]Each of the videos below were intended to be sold as individual courses ranging anywhere from $47-$147 each![/features_box_yellow]

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″][New] Hardcore Leadership Transformation Training! Powerhouse live stage presentation. [/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]MLSP Still[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • During this fun, fast paced, and very intense live stage presentation you’ll learn how to become bolder, stronger, and more fearless. If you’ve ever wanted to be a more motivated and hungry version of yourself and awaken the sleeping giant inside you and cultivate the “no excuses mindset” you need to win, then this is the training for you!
  • Don’t be surprised if after this hardcore training you realize you haven’t been pushing nearly as hard as you can. You’ll learn here, how to motivate yourself to do what you know you should be doing, how to develop the warrior mindset you need to succeed, and how to become the leader others can’t help but to love and follow.
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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″][NEW!] How to make $100k a year or more in your business & what it really takes! (Video & Audio MP3 download)[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]Home Biz Still[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • Have you been struggling to go from where you are to the 6 figure a year income and beyond marker? If so then this is the training for you! If all you did was watch this hour long stage presentation and listen to the Mp3 version of it over & over again while you drive, workout, etc for the next year, a year from now when you look back at the person you’ve become and the mindset you’ve developed because of this training, you’d easily agree that buying this course just for this video and audio was more than worth the money.
  • After struggling for years to crack the code to making a 6 figure income, Cesar reveals the elements you MUST have and what you MUST do if you’re serious about breaking through to other side of success. Compare the elements he shares with what you’re doing and “fill in the gaps” in your process and mindset & copy his proven blueprint so you can finally know what it takes to blow past the 6 figure a year income marker and beyond.
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #1 – Killer Techniques to Obliterating the No Money Objection! Featuring Cesar Rodriguez[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]Money Objection 2[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • 85% of the time a prospect tells you they don’t have the money, they are lying. The problem is most people don’t know how to tell if their prospect’s objection is real or a smokescreen for another hidden objection. Therefore most reps assume the objection is real and they let their prospect walk when they were just 2-3 questions away from having them join their team.
  • Watching this video will make sure you’re not one of the ones who ends up losing out on the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars most reps will lose over their career due to lost sales and missed recruits.
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #2 -How to prospect anyone, say what you do, create interest, and pull their number. Cesar reveals his exact script, process, and how he overcomes common objections! [/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]How to Prospect and Close Training[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • In this video you’ll learn the only way to say what you do, how you properly say the name of your company and how to craft your elevator pitch. (Note: saying the name of your company alone causes them to research it and find potentially negative news and being evasive about mentioning it makes you look shady and they won’t pick up when you call)
  • In addition learning how to explain to people what you do, Cesar role plays several scenarios right in front of you of how he prospects people, creates rapid interest, and the intense desire in his prospects to want to hear from him again about his opportunity. (Cesar has never gone into this depth in any of his other trainings online)
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #3 – What to Focus on for Massive Immediate Growth! (Not focusing on this is what’s causing you so much pain and frustration now) [/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]What to Focus on[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • Most people focus on reading books, listening to audios, selling, recruiting, and trying to close people. Which despite popular belief isn’t what your main focus should be on. Sounds crazy and ironic I know, but after you learn what Cesar goes over in this video you’re going to have one of the biggest aha moments you’ve ever had in your business.
  • After you’re done watching this video you’ll feel an instant surge of enthusiasm and you’ll know exactly what you need to focus on right now to trigger massive and immediate growth in your business and you’ll never be more relaxed and enthused to hit the market place.
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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #4 – How to always hit your goals and never miss a quota, car bonus, incentive trip, or level qualification again. If your company gives incentives you can’t afford to miss this! [/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]trust numbers not people[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • Warning, this video is hardcore and controversial. Although you may not like Cesar after it’s done, rest assured this training will resonate with you for years and will ensure you never come down to the wire trying to hit a qualification at the last minute and miss it.
  • If you’re involved with a company that offers incentive trips, car bonuses, or has has type of qualification that requires you to do a certain amount of production by a certain time then you can’t afford to not see this video.
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #5 – Cesar’s Lethal Follow-up Script and Closing Process and when to choose an online presentation vs offline sit-down. Most people get this wrong! [/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]Online vs offline[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • Everyday you don’t know how to distinguish when it’s best to put someone an online presentation of your opportunity vs doing a one on one sit down with them, you lose sales and recruits. This video reveals when to do which and Cesar role plays with you and walks you through exactly what he says to get over 90% of his appointments to stick.
  • When you’re done watching this video you’ll know not just how to choose the ideal presentation for your prospect you’ll also know exactly what to say to get them committed to reviewing that presentation and how to follow up and close them. (This video alone is worth thousands to you and if it’s all you got in this bonus package you’d agree it’s worth 100x more then the NES4 ticket price)
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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″] Bonus Training #6 – How to create a presentation that sells! Cesar reveals his presentation flip-chart of choice and the secret to creating viral team growth and duplication! [/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]Flipchart that sells[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • Should you use your company’s standard presentation flip-chart or craft your own using personal pictures and testimonials to make it more interesting and create emotion? For years Cesar got this wrong and it cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. This video shares his very controversial point of view and he backs it up with why his answer is the right and final answer.
  • After you’re done with this video you’ll know exactly what presentation flip-chart to use and the core commandments of team duplication that when followed will spark your team into massive growth.
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #7 – How to blast through fear & recruit anyone anywhere instantly -Mastering Cold Market Prospecting! (This has nothing to do with B10xB)[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]The card you hand out or don't[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • All too often we become paralyzed by fear, anxiety, and apprehension that prevents us from approaching, exposing, and prospecting people that very well could change our businesses and lives forever. If you don’t learn how to conquer the emotions that paralyze and freeze you in those key moments of opportunity you’ll lose out on thousands upon thousands of dollars.
  • If you’re a fan of B10xB, you’ll love this. It’s not B10xB, but this is just as strong and you’ll love the in the streets visualization technique you learn and killer “one liner” you’ll learn from Cesar will give you the confidence you need to approach people you never thought you would or could. This training is guaranteed to jack up your motivation and activity to new heights!
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #8 – Stupid stuff I’ve done that didn’t seem stupid at the time, that you’re probably doing right now. These mistakes will cost you a fortune![/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]Stupid Stuff i've done[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • If your business isn’t growing like a weed and duplicating like crazy it’s probably because you’re guilty of making at least one of these classic mistakes in your business right now… or the people on your team are. If you’re feeling stuck in your business one of these mistakes is most likely the roadblock that is holding you back from exploding your business and achieving massive success!
  • This is a must see training for leaders because it’s not if, but when the people on your team will try some of these stupid things and when they do, if you don’t know how to identify and stop them they will lose money, quit, and kill your duplication and momentum every time. Leaders and aspiring leaders cannot afford to miss this video!
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #9 Killer Tips for Increasing your Strength, Posture, and Positioning when dealing with prospects. These techniques will get your prospects flocking to you to join & buy! [/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[three_columns_1]Fake it till you make it[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • Most people don’t know how to assert themselves and build instant value and credibility with their prospects so they end up getting no respect and being treated as an afterthought in their prospects list of things to do. One day Cesar got sick and tired of being stood up for appointments and stumbled upon a little trick that’s caused his prospects to chase him ever since.
  • For years Cesar played the “Nice guy” role and was very accommodating to his prospects hoping to get them to like him enough to join and buy. The problem was he got stood up and rejected like crazy. When he discovered the “bad boy” trick you’ll learn in this video all of a sudden his prospects went from liking him to loving him and from rejecting him to buying when he told them to.
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Bonus Training #10 – How to be a player… in your business. A taboo trick to numbing yourself to the pain of rejection… Once you adopt this, business explosion is eminent!


[three_columns_1]How to be a player[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2][content_box width=”85%”][green_plus_2_list width=”260%”]

  • Why does rejection seem to beat down and knock the wind out of some while others have the ability to let it not affect them whatsoever and move on care free? Well in this video you’ll find discover a trick to that will allow you to never again experience the feelings of rejection from prospects you talk to opportunity.
  • After you’re done watching this video you’ll feel like a powerhouse in the marketplace. You’ll not only be bolder and start having a lot more fun in your business due to the increased strength of your posture and your new approach style and attitude, you’ll also find your prospects flocking to you to join and buy.
[/green_plus_2_list][/content_box][/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3][/three_columns_3]

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“I’ve Seen Enough, I Can’t afford to miss a single golden nugget in any of these trainings!

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  • All 10 Ranger Training video modules listed above
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  • Ability to make 50% Affiliate Commissions on first tier sales
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